Friday, April 03, 2009


IMG_1099 Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. At least that's what Allie seems to think.

We're delighted that Allie didn't have to have her pelvic region operated on. That means the cast is shorter than we anticipated and the payoff is huge. Allie can sit up, she can ride in the car, we can hold her. Ultimately, she's not nearly as limited (and, thus, neither are we) as we expected.

Let me just say that the eight day hospital stay was torturous. I've drafted a ripping criticism of that hospital, but it will probably stay unpublished. But I will probably refine and rework the draft for therapy's sake. The hospital stay was brutal.

Below is a video of me working some tangles out of Allie's hair. There was no way to wash her hair in the hospital and since all she did was lay on her back, her hair on the back of her head is twisted and tangled into dreadlocks. The charming and beautiful Susan is threatening to cut them out, but I'm determined to untangle them.


luann said...

So glad she's home! Great news.

Bryonm said...

come see her and help us eat some lasagna.

Anonymous said...



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