Sunday, April 05, 2009

Buzzing Terrorists

image We're still figuring out our sleeping arrangements around our house. We have Allie in our bed with her A frame cast. That only leaves room for one and a quarter adults to share the bed. So one of us has to sleep on the couch. We take turns throughout the night.

We usually have the house opened up because we have such a great breeze blowing through most of the time. But my first night (Friday night), on the couch, the wind died making way for a mosquito (an al Qaeda infiltrator no doubt) to make my life hell all night. It was a hot, sticky, itchy night exploited to the max by this cursed little beast.

I, naturally, complained about it to my wife. We closed up last night and it was much more comfortable. It was my turn to sleep with Allie.

Unfortunately that wretched insect got closed up inside our house. Unfortunate for him, that is. The charming and beautiful Susan had his twisted, broken body prominently on display this morning as a present to me and a warning to all other would-be terrorists that find themselves trespassing in our humble abode.

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