Friday, January 18, 2008

Ups and Downs

Sometimes I get so frustrated I want to peel my face off. I want out. I want my old life back where I had two grown kids that could take care of themselves and me and the charming and beautiful Susan looked forward to growing into maturity in our little house in a warm climate.

That's how I get when Allie is having a bad day. It's just not fair. I mean the way I treat people when I'm not living my little dream life just isn't fair.

Sometimes I sit on that ball bouncing Allie to sleep because she's tired and I'm tired and she needs to take a nap and we need the short break that little nap gives us. Just a half hour. I plead with the Lord. I promise I'll be nice to the charming and beautiful Susan.

This is how I am when I'm in a rough patch.

Last night I taught down at the homeless shelter. Every other Thursday night I take a turn giving a little sermon during the services they provide down there. I taught from John 8:1-12. That's the story of those religious wankers dragging an adulterous woman into the place where Jesus was hanging out. You heard about that. Jesus was more famous and relating to people about God better than them so they were trying to bring Him down. So they toss this chick at Jesus feet and basically demand that He agree with Him about the necessity to stone her because they think that Jesus would rather show compassion and even extend forgiveness in the name of the Father rather than obey the law of Moses. As they interpret it.

So I tried to look at this from the woman's point of view. This really wasn't fair. I mean, yes she was caught. But she wasn't caught for the sake of righteousness; she was caught so someone's ego could be soothed; so someone could be more right than Jesus. So if no one really cares about righteousness, why is she the one getting picked on? This just isn't fair.

Fair or not, I think Jesus has her attention. She's all ears.

Fair or not, Jesus has my attention. I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how many of the men who were so willing to stone her had lain with her, but had to go along with the stoning, whether to hide their sin from their buddies or just to transfer their guilt onto her.

Kat said...

This post in particular, has really reached out and grabbed me, Bryon! First, all that you and Susan have and are going through makes my frustrations pale in comparison, and yet I continue to rant from time to time about things not being "fair". And then, regarding the woman the brave men wanted to stone, and the fact that you preached about this at the homeless shelter.....I am back to expressing gratitude. I have a roof over my currently has no gas, which means no hot water, etc. However, I have a home, I have friends who I care about and who care about me. I have work that I love. Because of your honesty and faithfulness...this morning I too, am "all ears". Thankyou, Bryon!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your candor...I appreciate the way the Lord is using you and this blog. You are a man's man who is doing a phenomenal job playing the hand that you have been dealt. The Lord is working through you and to me (personally) the way you are handling this is a true inspiration.

Bryonm said...

thanks, guys...

Mike West said...

Life can be extremely hard and cruel at times. You all are setting a fantastic example of what it means to "do what's right." I think that is all God wants; for us to do what's right. And we learn what's right by building a relationship with Christ. If we do our part, He'll do His.
I still believe good guys win in the long run.
Just keep doing what's right and
Keep Looking Up!