Thursday, January 17, 2008

Passing the Torch

My buddy Ed Compean has been training his boy in many ways. He's a godly man and father. He's shown his son that the most important and satisfying thing anyone can do is lay down your life for the cause and gospel of Christ. Jackson is learning to walk in his father's footsteps as Ed follows Jesus. The evidence that Jackson admire where his dad is leading him is that Jackson has taken up his father's trade and is doing well.

Ed is a photo journalist by trade. I met him on an expedition through South Sudan while working on a story for Calvary Chapel Magazine. We were both serving along side Far Reaching Ministries at the time. Now Ed is church planting in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, with his family serving in ministry where ever needed. As you can see, you Jackson has a natural gift for communicating God's goodness and compassion for lives that are broken.  

"These are some pictures Jackson took from a food distribution in Dandora and Huruma Slums to victims of the post election violence. The lady pictured looking back from the rear of our Toyota is Frieda. She is a faithful servant at Calvary International Fellowship and heads up our helps ministry."

Good job with this boy, Ed. You must be proud.

Source: Ed's blog


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