Thursday, November 08, 2007

Working on that Six Pack

If you think Allie was unhappy about this picture, you are assuming correctly. What young lady likes the world to see her in her diaper first thing in the morning before she has a chance to take a shower and put her make-up on? Allie is no exception.

What we are looking at is a little sore where Allie's mic-key button used to reside. We are amazed at how quickly this hole has closed up and disappearing. I thought that she was going to have two belly buttons. Or that her belly button was going to have a "mini me" in the vicinity.

Here's what's cool: Allie loves to lay on her belly now. We can leave her relaxing on her front side for longer than we can on her back. The next step for her is learning how to turn herself over. That gets a little frustrating for her. She wants to move and do so much, but she is still so limited.

I have no doubt that the daily prayers of all our friends are what is helping Allie progress and heal. One other request you can pray for is that she'll get through this teething phase quickly. I know its a normal part of life for a growing baby, but in Allie's case where she needs so much attention and her mood and attitude contribute so much to her learning and recovery, teething has been a bit of a set-back.


Anonymous said...

where can i get some striped pj's like that??!!! TOO CUTE!!! :):)

will be praying for the teething to be quick and painless.

Unknown said...

praying for teething to pass quickly! she is just so adorable!! praying for you guys too

Anonymous said...

I'll put the word out for this prayer request.

There are times when, on reading about Allie's progress, I just grin and thank the Lord for what He's doing. Other times, I want to cry, all over again, for Allie, for you and Susan, for Charity. This is an "other time." Yes, I'm glad that she can relax on her belly, now, but I'll be gladder, still, when she relearns how to turn herself over.

Bryonm said...

it blesses me to have you sharing our burden with us in prayer...