Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Missionary Blogs

These are a few of my favorite missionary blogs:

Barrett Cruce
Jeff Jackson
Ed Compean
Stephanie Williams
Pedro Carrion
Robin and Tracy Shelley

These folks post pretty regularly so check them out and leave some encouraging comments.

If you know of any other missionary blogs that should be noted here, leave me a link in the comments.

HT: One World Mission Blog


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's a blog or not, but I keep up with rockministries.org R.O.C.K. stands for Romania Outreach to Christ's Kids. Check it out!

Sam & Lisa Skielnik said...

Hi Bryon,

Allie is such a cutie pie!

In our family, I'm the one who likes avocado.

It's really frustrating when kids won't

We appreciate you guys.