Monday, November 05, 2007

Avocado Face

I know this looks a lot like the bowl of guacamole on the Chili's starters menu, but it's really Allie's face covered in smashed avocados. That's why you don't see any chips.

Allie is teething and refused to eat today. That's not helpful when she is supposed to be putting on weight. One of you emailed me one time when I wrote about her need to pack on some pounds and suggested we feed her avocado. I love avocados. But the charming and beautiful Susan doesn't. That's her only shortcoming. But there's a weird truth we all seem to live by; we think that whatever we don't like, nobody should like. I, of course, thought Allie would love avocado. But my wife had her doubts. Allie is hard to please when it comes to the eating department. But Allie surprised us all (not me) and chowed down that green fruit of the gods.

That bit of avocado was the only solid food Allie ate today. Except some cookie. Nothing beats a cookie.

The poor kid is teething and that's part of her finickiness problem. But the good news is that Charlene Nurse Superior weighed Allie today and she had gained 8 ounces today. That's cool because she's been losing weight over the past month. And Charlene Nurse Superior was none too happy 'bout that. But today, Allie is back on track.

Thanks to all of you that were praying.

By the way, that's not the charming and beautiful Susan's hairy hand. Her hands are delicate and dainty.


Anonymous said...

So, a cookie made with avocado (or covered with avocado) ought to be the ticket.

Chris Goeppner said...

you just rmeinded me of the man hands episode of seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

I think green is Ali's color!

Anonymous said...

I also love avocados. I would hate to think that a correlation exists between abstaining from avocados and having delicate and dainty hands!

Glad to hear Allie has put on a few ounces. I would so gladly give her some of my pounds!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan, but I'm glad Allie likes the avacado!! It looks like she is sitting up very well in her high chair!! :)
Does she like pizza cut up into itty bitty bites? Pizza and cheesecake sure put the pounds on me when I was pregnant! Maybe it will work for Allie! We'll keep praying! We'd all gladly donate to the cause if we could! :)

Anonymous said...

Praise God for continuing improvements!