Thursday, September 27, 2007

missed this booger

The closer I got to home, the giddier I got. I was gone four days and I missed my girls, Princess Ali and the charming and beautiful Susan.

I made it home from Stanwood, WA, in eleven hours. Not too bad. The most beautiful part of that drive is the stretch of highway 101 between Eureka and Crescent City. Redwoods, lagoons, elk, and the beach are all part of the scenery on that stretch of highway.

Okay. It's closing in on 7:30am. I'm not on the computer between 7:30 and 9:00 am.

More on the pastors conference later. Bob Caldwel was off the chain...


Anonymous said...

Ali, is doing great with her arm and putting her toy in her mouth. Great improvement from last month. I love watching her progress!

Kat said...

ahhhh, I remember that stretch of's gorgeous! Loved seeing an elk in a field still alive, and not a 'trophy' on someone's wall.

SO glad you are back with your ladies, but that you had a blessed time!