Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off the Chain

My attempt to leave an edgy hook at the end of my last post by leaving a hook with soe hip-hop slang has back-fired. The sister of the charming and beautiful Susan called me this morning and asked, "what does 'off the chain' mean? Isn't that something bad? Because I went to Bob Caldwell's website and he's good."

The truth, Debbie, sister-in-law-of-mine, is that Bob Caldwell and "off the chain" are both good. Very good. Let me school you from the slang dictionary:

1. off the chain
fun or exciting. See "off the hook."

2. off the heezy
or "off the heezy for sheezy" meaning very cool. See "off the hook."

3. off the hizzle
see "off the hook"

4. off the hook
Exceptionally good. "Did you see John’s new 22" spinners? They was "off the hook!"

I hope that helps... But you got to know: once it hits this blog, the edgy life of a slang word has pretty well run it's course.


Anonymous said...


Really, I laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

I feel so! Learn something everyday!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I just proved my mom WRONG! Go me, go me. Long story short, I'm a jonas brothers fan, and I was singing "Nick J Is Off The Chain" (Yes, wierd) and my mom was like "Is he really off the chain" as if she was saying he's crazy (she thinks he's cool, too. She one of the many adult fans. SHE'S WRONG, I'M RIGHT! go me!