Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 Northwest Calvary Chapel Pastors' Conference: Wayne Taylor

I love this guy. He is one of the best examples I've observed as a gentle, wise, and experienced pastor. Wayne Taylor has thirty years of ministry as the pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Seattle.

He opened his message with a story about skydiving.

Now, I've been praying that God would speak to me during this conference, but I really don't want God to use somebody's example of free falling through space to be the thing God uses to change my life. I need a nice safe story to think about. Try to convince me over a nice safe cup of coffee. And bring some dessert while you're at it. Leave me alone with your free-falling and being kicked off the cliff stories. That's a bit uncomfortable.

Wayne told a story of his son being harnessed to an experienced tandem parachute expert. "We're harnessed to Jesus. He's the expert. It's scary, but He knows what He's doing."

The analogy works. The truth is, serving God really just feels like free falling. But we're harnessed to a pro. So, we're not really in free fall. It just feels like it. How fun.

"God has amazing things for us."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great teaching (both Pastor Wayne and Pastor Chuck). We'll never forget the 2 times Pastor Chuck came to Calvary FTL when we were still there. One of those nights he taught Titus...we'll always remember "stay under the spout where the glory comes out" from that teaching. Thanks for sharing.

Praying always for you guys,
Bob and Dorinda

Anonymous said...

Ooops...actually it was Jude...(still early! :-)...spent time in Titus this morning and had that on the brain! :-)


Unknown said...

I like that analogy!! how long are you here? have time for a cup of coffee?

Anonymous said...

Good analogy. Yes, following--and trusting--Jesus does, sometimes feel like free fall. I guess. Actually, I've never jumped out of a plane, nor do I intend to!