Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 Northwest Calvary Chapel Pastors' Conference: Chuck Smith

Pastor Chuck Smith kicked the conference off via internet up link from Costa Mesa, California. Even when watching though I'm him on a big screen in an auditorium full of people, it feels like home. His style and message are so unpretentious, it makes me wonder why I feel like I have to be so pushy and driven by ambition. Why can't I just let God do it?

That really has nothing to do with what Pastor Chuck had to say, that's just what happens in my heart when I listen to him teach.

Chuck had a simple message. He usually does. Those of us that are trying to hack out a name for ourselves are the ones who always want to be so profound and sublime; Chuck is uncomplicated. The basics are simple.

The message: Pastors, feed the flock.

That's the message Jesus gave to Peter. That's the message Peter gave to the young pastors he wrote to in his epistle.

Peter saw himself as a fellow elder. Peter didn't see himself as more important. He was just a fellow minister.

Minister means servant. Minister does not mean lord. The pastor should not expect the flock to pander to him. He needs to pander to them. He's the lead servant.

Chuck wrapped up his talk with this point: Be an example. If you can't live the Word, you'll have a hard time teaching it. People don't learn much by what comes out of your mouth. They learn from how you live your life.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post today...just feed the flock.

Hope all is well bro! My long runs certainly are boring now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good message. He sounds like someone who could, in a very low-key sort of way, get in and meddle in a person's life with good basic messages, like that! :o)