Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 SE Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference: Jim Gallagher

Ever since I first read the brochure for this year's pastor's conference, I was like, "who the heck is Jim Gallagher?" I know that he's the pastor up at Calvary Chapel Vero Beach, but what's he doing here? CC Vero ain't no mega-church.

I guess if I got our of bed early enough or didn't dilly-dally over a huge breakfast at IHOP when road trippin' it at these conferences, I would have caught the devotion he gave at last year in Ft. Lauderdale.

Jim planted a Calvary Chapel in Vero Beach, about nine years ago after serving on staff at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for eight years.

Here are some of Gallagher's main points as he worked through the second part of Philippians 1.
  • We're given to pass off what is of great value to acquire something that is immediate. Gallagher used the story of Esau offering a close-out deal to shed himself of his birth right.
  • We believe too easily that something immediate is more valuable than something eternal. It doesn't make sense on paper, but our decision making proves we're not convinced.
Phil. 1:23
For I am hard-pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better.
  • for what is better
  • being with Christ is far better
  • serving Jesus is far better
  • but we don't receive an immediate reward for this
There is not always immediate gratification even when faithfully serving the Lord.

To die is gain

to live is Christ
  • doesn't say that for me to live is Christianity
  • doesn't say that for me to live is these Biblical principles
  • doesn't say that for me to live is ministry
Jim posed this question: "What does living for Christ look like?"
It looks like rejoicing in prison... and this is not natural. It's supernatural. It's Christ's characteristics becoming the expression of our actions and expressions as we bide in Him.

If for me to live is Christ, then the message of my life to a lost and dying world will be Christ magnified.


Steve Hopkins said...

So is the qualifying standard for speaking at a CC pastor's conference that you have to be a "mega church?"

I always thought the measure of a good pastor was that he build big people not big churches...or maybe your comment about Jim were just said tongue in cheek...some thoughts

Bryonm said...

Thanks for your thoughts. My tongue in cheek comments were said to illustrate the fact tht the measure of a good church is men that build people, not big churches. I'm glad you got it...