Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 SE Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference: Danny Hodges

This year's South East Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference was hosted by Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. Danny Hodges is the pastor in St. Pete and kicked off the conference by welcoming pastors and church leaders from Calvary Chapels all from the Southeast United States.

Pastor Danny came to in St. Pete to a church called Calvary Chapel before it was officially a Calvary Chapel. But it was called Calvary Chapel. But it wasn't a Calvary. Never mind. It's a long story. The long an the short of it is that the church was going to close and Danny, who was about four guys down the pecking order believed God did not want the church to close. So they handed Danny the keys.

That's something like how it went. So now, umpteen years later, Calvary Chapel is officially a franchised, bona-fide, authorized, legitimate, copyrighted, affiliated Calvary Chapel.

This years conference revolves around a study through the book of Philippians and specifically addresses the Attitudes of the Heart.

Philippians 1:1-18 was Hodges portion. Here are some of his points:
  • Ministry is kind of like a marriage. We have to put up with each other in love.
  • God was working in Paul even in his bad circumstances.
  • The problem people have with others guys in ministry is not about doctrine; it's much more personal than that. It's envy.
  • rivalry = strife = carnality = the work of the flesh = envy = devilish deeds
  • Ungodly attitudes difficult to overcome


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