Saturday, December 17, 2005

Interview with Ravi Zacharias on Leadership

Ravi Zacharias was interviewed in April 2005 by Major John Carter of The Salvation Army for a leadership class at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte, NC branch).

Major John Carter: In our leadership class, Dr. Zacharias, we discussed metaphors or images which guide leaders. Do you have a metaphor or image which has guided you in your life?

Ravi Zacharias: I think the best description I would give is that of a “privileged servant.” That would be the best description. There are different types, of course, but the Son of Man came to seek and to serve. I remember a number of years ago being a part of a conference in Wales where the theme on Christ was “The Servant King.” If the King Himself came as a servant and to serve, then that should be the model we have for ourselves. So I see it as a privileged servant. Coming from the East, where we had trusted, household help, trusted servants in the home, my father would trust them with the entire household, the children, etc., doing all types of things. This is our role, being a real servant of the King.

JC: That’s a wonderful metaphor and image of what we should think of, when thinking of our role, in Christianity. What biblical leaders are most important to you, perhaps in defining your own leadership? [click here to read the rest of the article. Give yourself about thirty miunutes to read the whole piece. Ravi is asked questions about examples of Biblical leaders, contemporary leaders, the books he's read, how he was called into ministry, and the role accountability plays in his ministry/family life. Definitely a must read for pastors and church leaders.]


dogfreid said...

As captivating as always, Ravi remains my favorite figure in the current cast of Christendom. The story in the interview about the 50,000 dollars is incredible, and the sort of experience that one never forgets in their Christian walk.

I've only read one of his books, Jesus Among Other Gods, but I've heard my fair share of his mp3 preachings/teachings.

Chris Goeppner said...

its all about serving.