Friday, December 16, 2005

Über Christ Followers – Part 10 – Carl Mims

Carl’s sway over my walk with Christ has come through several avenues: an example of an openhanded and generous man, a guiding influence in the life of our church, and a source of counsel in my ministry. He’s shown me that my weaknesses can be my greatest strengths.

About ten years ago, I ventured out to plant a church in Southwest Washington. I was on staff at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale at the time and began to put together a plan to raise money to get my family across country. With the help of fellow staff members, we put together a massive garage sale. The proceeds were to benefit the Mondok Family Cross Country Move. Carl gave me the key to his storage unit along with pick of anything in the place. The items he gave me were the most valuable and sell-able commodities donated. I wanted to take the stuff with me to Washington. Carl passed up an opportunity to make serious cash in a garage sale of his own.

A couple of years later I came back from Washington to help with a new work that is now Calvary Chapel Jupiter. Carl was and remains on the board of directors of our church. As our church grew, he’s given guidance and wisdom to help us navigate through uncharted and sometimes treacherous territory. He’s been an advocate for me and other staff members and made sure our families are taken care of in the work of the ministry.

Personally, Carl is a counselor to me. He’s taught me that my greatest weakness, my unbridled tongue, is also my greatest gift if I submit myself to the Lord and use my words to serve Christ, my pastor, and the church body.

Finally, it was Carl that first told me about blogs. He pointed me to MMI, Bob Franquiz, and Rod Pearcy in the blogosphere. Since then, I’ve been hooked and see no end to blogging in the near future.

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