Sunday, April 09, 2017

The Dip

I’ve been working out of the treadmill quite a bit now that I’m here in New Hampshire (more about why we’ve moved to New Hampshire from sunny South Florida in a future post). I like running outside in the cold, believe it or not, but sometimes, it’s just not possible. It snows here even in the Spring. That’s why I have the treadmill three steps from the desk in my home office. Running has never been more convenient or fun as it has been now that I live up in these North Woods.

Since I can set the speed of my pace on the treadmill, I’ve been working on increasing my speed. Every minute, I increase the pace in small increments until I reach my goal pace, and then I run the last half of my determined distance (usually three miles) at this increased speed. I start off great. But after a few minutes, I want to walk. The effort becomes too much. It’s easier to quit than to keep going.

Seth Godin talks about the life cycle of a startup or project in his book The Dip. When a project is launched, there is excitement and momentum. But as time wears on, the inertia that keeps the project moving forward is no longer powerful enough to overcome the friction that occurs. The start of a project is like a downhill ski run. But when the ground flattens or the grade starts to run uphill, you have to get out ski poles and push. You slow down and you have to start using muscles that haven’t been used since you were younger.

That's where I am in the cycle of this book blogging project. Keeping it moving forward, keeping interest up, doing the work of posting links, editing content, and thinking through painful memories is taxing me. As I look back through my stats, I see that my interest and your interest in this story was higher when I first started than it is now that I’m in the middle. That’s normal. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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