Monday, March 13, 2017

Meat Grinder

Writing the next post in our book blogging project has worked me over. I've been cranking through these few words for weeks. There are feelings in this post I haven't wanted to revisit. Yet, we want to tell the truth. 

I'm also struggling with how to say things so that you're not confused. Emotions at the time were schizophrenic. Friend, if you read this and my writing has left you confused, would you let me know either in the comments here on this blog, in the comments in the post, or in an email to me. Here's the thing: this is the internet. With the right kind of feedback I can edit it in seconds. That's one of the reasons I'm doing this writing exercise so publicly.

Our readers fingerprints are all over the work we've done so far. Even the smallest typos and mistakes are easy to miss when you're reading your own work. Your minds and eyeballs have been invaluable. Thanks for your help.

Here's post twelve in our book-blogging project.

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