Saturday, January 14, 2017

Names have been changed

The third post of my book blogging project is live.

In this bit, you'll meet three people: John, Timmy, and Ruth. I've changed their names because I've worked hard to be friends. We're all about to go through an ordeal in this story, and no matter who gets hurt by whom, as difficult as relationships get in this narrative as it moves forward, the Charming and Beautiful Susan and I have prayed hard that grace will rule the day.

We decided this on day one. We decided long before we felt like deciding this. We decided this long before we ever knew there were going to be struggles and trials and pain and anguish and disappointment with God and life and people. We decided this before we knew we would feel hate or think about revenge.

Making this decision crowded out some of those negative, cancerous emotions.

I picked the name John because that was the name of the disciple Jesus loved.

I picked Timmy because Timothy was a student of Saint Paul, wise beyond his years and teachable.

I picked Ruth because she left everything familiar and comfortable in the midst of her grieving to care for the family that remained.

These names aren't just names, they're prayers of blessing over people we've come to care about.

This is the beginning of intertwining journeys.

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