Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Call it a premonition

There's trouble on the streets tonight 
I can feel it in my bones 
I had a premonition 
That he should not go alone 
–Glen Frey 

Do you feel like something is going to happen? Something bad? I’m not talking about normal pessimism where you think the rug is going to be pulled out from under you. I’m talking about an impending feeling of doom. Maybe you sense the death of a loved one. Or maybe it's some other tragic event. You don’t  talk about it much because people will think you’re weird or paranoid. Or maybe the event has already happened and if you tell someone you knew it was going to happen, they’ll tell you you’re Monday morning quarterbacking. It’s easy to predict events that have already gone down.

I put the question out in a Facebook status update recently, and people weighed in immediately in great detail. In some cases, people shared their premonitions with shocked, vehemently unresponsive listeners. When tragedy hit, the same people said, "You saw this coming!"

Why does it happen? How? Did you know it’s Biblical? In the second post of my book blogging project, I write about how God gave me a premonition of tragic events coming my way. I think God was preparing me for what was coming. The event can’t be changed, but you and I can be.

Read the second post from my book blogging project, Where are my Angels.

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