Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thoughts on turning 50

  • I only feel like I'm a day older than 49.
  • I used to pray that I'd be able to work in web and ministry and here I am. I'm grateful for that. 
  • I'm reminded of the episode of Friends where Joey turns 30 and cries out, "Why, God? Why?"
  • I remember watching "All in the Family" when I was a kid and Archie turned 50. I thought he was so old that he must have been close to death's door.
  • I remember watching the Cosby Show as a twenty-something where Dr. Huxtable's kids said things like, "You know what's older than Dad? Rocks!" and "You know what's older than Dad? Dirt!" I remember when I thought that was funny.
  • I've been married more than half of my life. Almost 60% of my life! I'm thankful for that. I've been a father for more than 28 of those years.
  •  I got no serious birthday cards this year. No deep sentiments or expressions of affection. 50 is the year everyone has a good laugh on your account. 
  • The young people treat you like you're old but tell you "you look good for you age," or "you're young at heart–you're a lot cooler than MY dad."  
  • The ones who are older treat you like 50 is some kind of "rite of passage" so just get over your self when I'm not even ON my self.
  • I'd rather be ignored on my birthday since I'm too old to get cards with money in them.
  • I'd rather be ignored on my birthday since all anybody wants to do all day is talk about the BIG 5-OH.
  • I'm grateful for Facebook. I heard from people from all stages of my life today. I've had many, many friends from all walks of life.
  • I have some cool birthday twins. One is being born today. One from Nairobi. At least three at work. One living in New England. I think all of my birthday twins are female.
  • I'm younger than Brad Pitt or Trent Reznor. But they have more hair. 
  • I don't know about you. But I'm feeling 22.

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