Monday, August 10, 2015

Proverb’s Three Characters

The book of Proverbs is one of the most practical and easy to apply books in the Bible. Throughout the book's 31 chapters, there are three obvious characters featured throughout the book of Proverbs:
  • the wise
  • the fool
  • the simple

The wise
  • embraces God’s covenant
  • makes good progress
  • is an example worth following
The fool
  • is opposed to God’s covenant
  • moves freely among God’s people
  • resists offer of forgiveness
  • is dangerous in his influences
  • is the cause of grief to his parents
  • not beyond hope
The simple
  • not firmly committed
  • easily misled
  • does not apply himself to discipline
Even as we read through these lists, we can picture people that we've known throughout our lives that possess the attributes listed in each of these three categories. Maybe as you evaluate your own life in light of these categories, you see some things that describe you in different categories. Maybe you embrace God's covenant (wise) but you're easily misled (simple). Adjustments need to be made. Be diligent to get to know this book. The Proverbs begs it's readers to search its pages thoroughly and wrestle with the questions that are raised.

Go explore.

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