Sunday, August 23, 2015

Twenty-nine Years with the Perfect Person

I cannot live, I can't breathe
Unless you do this with me
”The Adventure” -- Angels and Airwaves

You only get to do life once. I’m doing life with the perfect person.

Twenty-nine years ago tomorrow (Aug 23), I married the Charming and Beautiful Susan​. According to my father, God gave me this woman to tame me. That has been a tall order. Every single day I can’t wait to come home to be with this woman to share every part of my life with her.

I’ll never forget meeting her. All my buddies were after her. Somehow I convinced her to climb onto the back of my motorcycle for a ride to the beach. That was our first date. Impromptu. Unplanned.

I inadvertently parked my Suzuki in a tow away zone on the beach on A1A in Fort Lauderdale across the street from the Elbow Room. My bike got towed and we were stranded.

That was the first time I kissed her. The memory makes me dizzy and a little giddy. Who cares if my bike got towed. Keep it. This hot girl was letting me in close enough for a long kiss. The first of many. Impromptu. Unplanned.

This is the first memory I made with this woman. She was nineteen. I was twenty. I was on the beach in October in Florida. I was euphoric. Eight months later, we were married. That was twenty-nine years ago today.

God blessed our marriage with two beautiful children, Charity​ first, then Aaron Mondok​. And then, through their lives, new relationships and wonderful additions have been made to our family. We've adopted Allie, added Shana​ and Nicole​ to our tribe. Mackenzie Rae and Cora Love have been blessed arrivals and we look forward to more. Charity, Nicole, Aaron, Shana, Allie, Mackenzie, Cora: Susan and I love you all more than you can imagine and are so thankful for you lives. You have enriched our lives so much and are so glad that you all are part of our journey.

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