Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Court

This was originally posted on June 6, 2007. It’s so strange looking back. I can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much better things are now.

looking-upOff to Family Court
Today we go to court. Charity, the charming and beautiful Susan, my sister Jennifer, and I will all make an appearance. Allie's father will be there as well, I'm told. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
I'm amazed at how much grace I seemed to have when I first got the news about Allie being rushed to the hospital. I wanted good things for everybody. I honestly thought that I'd be bringing Allie home to Florida just a couple of days after arriving in San Francisco at the end of April. I even threw Allie's car seat in my car for the ride home from the airport. One helping of good things and healing for everybody. I just want everything to be okay. God will make this all okay in just a day or two. It will be a much needed wake-up call for Charity and Timmy. Allie will come home with us until Charity gets her act together. Allie will be in the loving home of grandma and grandpa in Florida.
The first two days in San Francisco were a wake-up call for me. The state took custody of Allie, Charity's parental rights were suspended, I read hospital and police reports, the doctors were extremely grim about Allie's future, and child protective services told me I couldn't have custody of Allie because "she might go from the frying pan into the fire."
Reality was no longer reality. Grace has left the building.
Am I allowed to feel this way? As a Christian? As a Pastor?
I used to be able to look at somebody else's tragedy and just say, "Trust Jesus. No trial will come upon you that is too big for you to handle." Shut my mouth.
I don't know how I'll feel today in court. God has been faithful to provide everything I need to daily live in grace and obedience (not that I've always been graceful or obedient). But I seem to only get enough for the day. When I think about what I'm going to need for the future as I process outcomes and relationships, I honestly don't feel Christian or Pastoral. If first impulses are any indication, vengeful and vindictive most describe the attitude I'll have. I'll need wisdom and grace every single day for the next few years. More than I've ever exercised up to this point.


mancusoa said...

When I met you recently I didn't put two and two together... I remember your story now from the video testimony!! Thank you and your lovely wife for sharing this because it is truly a representation of God's love and grace. Your Allie is beautiful! I love your blog and your transparency.

God bless!
-Ally V

Bryonm said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ally.