Saturday, May 26, 2012

While strolling through the park this morning

Allie and I are home without the Charming and Beautiful Susan this weekend. Our routine on mornings that we're home alone is to eat breakfast, then walk to the park and swing awhile, and then walk over to Publix to pick up groceries needed for the day.

Our city is under a boil water order until Monday since they found fecal matter in one of our county's wells causing me to toss the pot of coffee brewed automatically before I got out of bed this morning.

Let me get back on track. So Allie and I walked to the park. I put her in the swing and noticed a hot air balloon overhead. I thought it would be cool to frame it in a shot of Allie.

This takes a bit of coordination when your pushing the swing with one hand and trying to keep your iPhone steady with the other. So I got a few shots and noticed that this balloon was traveling at an unusual angle. It was coming at us!

The balloon had some kind of malfunction and had to land in the park about a hundred yards from the swing set. That drew quite a crowd from the neighborhood.

Check out the video I shot. I hope my shaky hand doesn't nauseate you. I was pushing the swing and shooting in the first video and holding Allie and shooting the other. All from my iPhone.

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