Saturday, May 26, 2012

Music Review: Tribe of Shrews–Careless Victory


It doesn’t happen that often. I’m not usually the guy who writes about a fresh sound. I’m the guy that writes about the stuff you’ve heard and has been around for awhile. But this…

This is beautiful, innocent, prophetic. It’s Arcadian Fire meets C.S. Lewis telling about Narnia.

I’m gushing. I know. I can’t stop listening to this disk. The first time I heard Dreams, I wept. I’ve played this for a few hipsters that love to hate everything they didn’t discover; Tribe of Shrews they love.

Careless Victory is Tribe of Shrews sophomore album. The production is amazing because these are kids in high school. The album is obviously Christian but not because it’s a cheesey rip-off of something top 40 with a high JPM (Jesus per minute) count forced into weak lyrical structure. This is Christian because it is hopeful, intelligent, original and artistic.

When you listen to this, you’ll want to see what these kids see.

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