Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Broward Children's Center

When the Charming and Beautiful Susan and I first walked into the Broward Children's Center, we were terribly disoriented. We were checking the place out as a possibility for Allie to go to school, but I think our default mindset is that no one will measure up; our child is too hard to deal with. It's really not them; it's us.

But the tour of the place and especially the interviews with the principal, the nurse, and Allie's, teacher put us at ease. They asked all the right questions, had all the right training, and obviously had the confidence that accompanies experience. Plus, right away, Allie was comfortable.

Allie's in her second week at Broward Children's Center. The first day was the only day she complained. So far, ever other day has been better than the day before. Allie's teacher is sweet and obviously loves her job and the kids in her class. She sets the kids up in little groups so that each child never feels alone. Allie always has something fun or interesting to do and little friends to do it with.

We're looking forward to the coming year. And we're thankful for the time school frees up for Susan and I.

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Jo Desmond Davis said...

I'm so glad to hear that Allie is doing so well, it's a unique world that we are living in and change is almost always a good thing, it challenges us and stimulates our energy for new ideas, dreams and hopes. I love to hear how Allie is doing

Jo Desmond Davis
(Mum to Billy 5 who has Angelman Syndrome)