Thursday, April 29, 2010

A wall in 50 days... Nehemiah (and God) did it, why not us?

My friend and mentor in all things missions is undertaking an impressive project. Jeff pastors a church in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. His church is a multi-ethnic melting pot. Refugees from all over the 10/40 window have been resettled by the US government in his neighborhood. Missionary Pastor Jeff Jackson no longer has to go into the international mission field. The international mission field has been delivered to his doorstep.

Jeff has one of the most incredible pastor's heart I've ever observed. Not only does he want to care for the souls' of those in his city, he wants to care for their bodies. And he wants to help them help themselves as they provide for their own needs. The church property owned by his church sits on several acres that over the decades, the city has built around. So Jeff has several empty acres that he's making available as a community garden for several refugee families to work and produce food for their needs.

Jeff writes about the progress of this project on his blog. Pray about your involvement in this out-of-the-box outreach to his community.

What happens when.......

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Public utilities...He influences them too!

Connected and ready for use

A wall in 50 days..Nehemiah (and God) did it, why not us?


Pastor Jeff's Church Planting Podcast

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