Friday, April 09, 2010

Update from Jacmel


This is Aaron’s second update from Jacmel Haiti. He’s doing great. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

It has been a good week having no team here. There has been a good balance of work and rest. I caught up on a little bit of sleep, but also got some time to sit down and think about the schedule and think about some ways to improve the Children's Program.

Monday, I sat and met with Pastor Ginais. We met for about an hour and we discussed the goals and purpose of the Children's Program we do in his community every week. He shared with me about his vision to help his community. Him and I established a partnership to reach out to the kids in his community. Also, on Tuesday nights we plan on attending his church each week. It's a small shack-like church structure, they cram like sixty people into it, and they do some intense Haitian worship. The last team that went really loved the cultural experience.

Tuesday, I met with Pastor Joseph just to chat. We do Children's Program with him every Tuesday. His situation is heart breaking. He runs that school of a hundred kids, about twenty of the kids sleep there and he takes care of them. None of the teachers at his school are being paid right now, he feeds about a hundred kids daily on whatever food God provides, and they have very few resources for teaching and no source of income. The needs are overwhelming, but Pastor Joseph is unshaken by the situation. He trusts God to provide, because he has no real other choice. His attitude is inspiring.

Tuesday night I preached at Pastor Ginais Church again. I taught on Job chapter one.

Thursday, I got a lot done. I typed out a schedule for the next two weeks, put a format in place for Children's Program, put together an English lesson PowerPoint show, and wrote a puppet skit that includes the gospel. Earlier in the day I met with a man named Jacques Africot. He runs a secular after school program that he wants us to come and visit and do our Children's Program there. I think it would be a great place to go and share the gospel with their kids. I will check it out later on in the week to see what their after-school program is like.

Today, I met with Delpha and Nerlande to practice the puppet skit. I had them rewrite my script in Creole and then they performed it for me. We had a lot of fun doing that. Also, Delpha and I sat down today and we listen to the Creole Puppet skits that Calvary Chapel sent me; Delpha translated it for me so that we can plan on using the skit in the future.

Tomorrow Dave and I will be building the Puppet stage.

The Children's Program is slowly evolving; this week has been good for putting a plan in place. I look forward to seeing how it all works out with the kids.

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