Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ravi Zacharias discusses addiction to porn

Luke Gilkerson on the Covenant Eyes blog posted these videos from Ravi Zacharias.


Good stuff. Watch and apply.

Thanks, Luke.

via: Breaking Free


Anonymous said...

Ravi definitely makes good points here, but for a lot of men, there is a sexual addiction present that no amount of scripture, prayer or willpower can defeat. Stemming pornography will just lead to something else, probably worse. Porn is just the branch of a tree that has roots in the soil of shame. Getting out of the shame and dealing with the root issue, which usually is some traumatic childhood event is the best way to deal with this, albeit in God's power. See Patrick Carnes book Out of the Shadows for a fuller description of this.

Bryonm said...

Great comments, Sam. Thanks for leaving the book recommendation.