Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patmos and Adventure Learning Centre

I had the privilege of speaking to the missionaries at The Adventure Learning Centre in the Bahamas, several of which are Shepherd’s Staff Missionaries. The topic I covered was raising support and communication. Within 36 hours of my talk, the ministry sent out their newsletter. Coincidence? I think not.

The Patmos and ALC team are busy, busy. Here’s a peek at what they have to say:


- 25mi.South of Port au Prince

- 4000 Injured

- 500 Reported Deaths

- 70% of Homes Destroyed

- 5000 People displaced


The Adventure Learning Centre sent Quest staff along with Patmos staff and students to Jacmel to help with the relief efforts. Although Port-Au-Prince received a lot of relief after the earthquake, smaller cities like Jacmel needed help immediately.


We worked along side Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale as they have committed to rebuild Jacmel over the next 3 years.

We helped create VBS programs, assisted medical staff at the hospital, rebuilt homes, served at several orphanages, built a security wall at a school, assisted in translating during the UN meetings, organized storage facilities, and helped establish a birthing clinic.



The ALC is committed to bringing change to the Bahamas by bringing the Gospel to the youth. Patmos is dedicated to discipleship and raising up the next generation to make an impact for the Kingdom. Camp is focused on building the family and training them to fulfill the great commission. Help us expand our calling! Your financial support has allowed us to serve in the Family Islands, Brazil, the US.S, and now Haiti. Please commit to support us this year so that you can continue to send us out!


Down Town Jacmel: This gas station was destroyed by the earthquake.




VBS Ministry: Every day we sent teams to teach and love on 60 students at a school that met under tarps. This is a picture of the pre-school children.


Traveling in style: From jobsite to jobsite our team packed into buses like this. This trip brought our team a lot closer together, and we were blessed to serve side by side. 


 Displacement Camp: This was one of several "tent cities" in Jacmel. Disease and frustration become prevalent in these communities and so much more help is needed to restore what was lost.



Unlivable: Many homes, schools, Church buildings, and offices were demolished and marked as condemned. The people had no choice but to sleep outside and now fear the upcoming rainy season. Please pray for Haiti.

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