Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glenn Beck versus Jim Wallis

Over the last couple of weeks an intense debate has erupted over the Biblical definition of “Social Justice”. From the political right, Glenn Beck, a Mormon, redefines “social justice” simply as code for “Nazism” or “Socialism”. From the political left, Jim Wallis, an Evangelical Christian, takes Beck to task and calls him out to public debate. Beck has refused to debate Wallis but rather is planning an all out attack on the Christian using his Fox Cable News television show and his talk radio show as the platform to “expose” Wallis.

Christianity Today posted a great article citing both sides of the debate with links to sources to help you formulate your own, hopefully balanced, opinion.

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Josh R said...

It really kinda irks me that Wallis is the one who is fighting this battle -- Somebody else oughta step up and slam Beck hard in the national media.

Wallis is more or less right, but he is exactly the wrong guy to fight the battle.