Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missions trip to Antarctica 'totally fruitless'

At first I’m like “WHAT?” And then I saw it was Lark News…

ALBANY, New York — Taking literally the Bible's injunction to spread the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world, a group of adults from Albany, New York, went on a short-terms missions trip to Antarctica but were disappointed by what they didn't find: people.
   "It was a total waste," said John Alder, who held garage sales and sold his RV so he and his wife could go. "We got off the boat and all we could see was a white, icy wasteland. Even the scientific outpost was unmanned."
   The team of 14 huddled for eight days and waited for the boat to return, reading aloud from the Bible and occasionally sending search parties to look for possible converts. They survived on penguin meat and stayed warm by crawling inside the still-warm corpse of a large seal.
   The group made it home chilled but safe, and had to give the church their disappointing report.
   "Next time we'll at least construct a building in case poor children move to that continent some day and need shelter," said the team's leader. "Of course, that means we'd have to find wood."

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