Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This past weekend I spoke to a group of guys about our little Allie ordeal. I went at it from the angle of God allowing His followers to go through situations that sift them. Sifting is more than making a powdery substance like flour a more fine powder. That's how your momma sifts.

Real sifting takes place after grain is beat down, ground up and pulverized between heavy grinding stones. Then chaff and husk are separated and sifted from the useful and nutritious kernel. That's sifting. When you're sifted, it's rough. It's painful. This part of you is dislocated and ripped from that part you. Then you're shaken through a screen or tossed up into the air with this part being forever separated from another part of you. Ever gone through that?

I didn't realize how emotionally ragged I'd get from going through it all. I shared all the junk my wife and I was taken through. Then I was hit head on with guilt because I talked more about what happened to me than what happened to poor baby Allie. The whole thing hurt so much.

I'm encouraged by Peter who came through his sifting experience to come face to face with the forgiving, restoring love of Jesus. Jesus didn't just forgive, though. He gave Peter a project; a new job description: "feed my lambs," Jesus told him. Peter became responsible for the sheep Jesus sent his way. Before Peter was sifted, Jesus told Peter He was going to do something like this.

What unbearable circumstance are you going through? What's ripping you raw? I wonder what God has for you to put your hand to on the other side of your sifting.

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Vicki Small said...

I'm wondering the same thing.