Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Call to Prayer and Fasting For the Events in Yemen

Some of you know that I've done some work in Yemen. This email came to me today asking for prayer for those that were kidnapped a few months ago.

church_2004pics 385Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On June 12, 2009, six expatriates from three nations working at the Al-Jumhuri Hospital in Saada, Yemen
went missing together with three children. A few days later three of them were found dead, one Korean
school-teacher and two German medical interns. As we write this, the parents with their three children
plus their colleague are still missing (see pictures of the missing and a log of events on the home page of
Worldwide Services, the charity with which they were working: http://worldwideservices.

So far no one has come forward claiming to have done this. Likewise we do
not have proof that the missing ones are alive. The authorities investigating
this case are faced with a wall of silence and much of this is a riddle to those
who know Yemen and its people. The families of those killed mourn, and the
relatives and friends of the missing live between hope and despair. The
much needed work in the Saada hospital had to be severely reduced – much
to the regret of the population. The war between government troops and
rebels in the area continues and causes much suffering.

In the light of these extraordinary and far-reaching events we – the
leaders of the Christian agencies mentioned below – call all Christians to
pray and – if possible – to fast for the items mentioned below on
Reformation Day (October 31st, 2009). We are convinced it is very
important that as Christians we stand firmly together and jointly raise our
voices to the Lord for whom nothing is impossible.

 Let us pray for the protection and freeing of the missing – especially the children. If they are already in
God's eternity, may the light of God shine into the situation and may truth may come to light.

 Let us pray for comfort and grace for the families of the three women who were killed and of the six
who are still missing. They suffer the most of us all.

 Let us pray for the national and international staff of the hospital in Saada, now scattered, who need
comfort and who are full of questions about their future.

 Let us pray for those who took these people, as Jesus has taught us to pray even for our enemies, that
they will be convicted in their conscience, let the prisoners go and find peace and salvation in Jesus.

 Let us pray for the local and international authorities and all those who are assisting, that they might
be given wisdom, perseverance and good cooperation in their various efforts.

 Let us pray that Yemenis stirred by these events may ask deep questions and seek the living God. May
the seed sown in the land soon sprout and bear fruit. Let us pray for a speedy end to the war.

 Let us pray that we will be more willing to follow Jesus – even if that should mean suffering and death.
Let us ask God that He will encourage and strengthen us through His Holy Spirit to be witnesses of His
love and His Good News in all places of the world.

 Let us praise and thank God, that even in this situation He is the Almighty One to Whom we can turn.
Let us be joyful and glad – as Jesus exhorts us in the Beatitudes - when people insult us, persecute us
and falsely say all kinds of evil against us because of Jesus.
With warm Christian greetings, one with you through our Lord Jesus Christ.
The leaders of four Christian agencies in Germany:

Frontiers - OM - ReachAcross - WEC
PS: Please pass this on to many others who can pray! Thank you.

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