Friday, September 18, 2009

A Full Week of School

image Allie made it through her first FULL week of school. The week she started school (almost a month ago), Thursday was her first day. The next week she was sent home sick on Monday and never made it back. The following week started with Labor Day making it a short week with a sick day in the middle cutting it shorter still. This week started strong on Monday and finished even better on Friday.

Everything is different now. We used to drop off and pick up a crying little girl. Now she's happy to be at school. She's off the bottle. She makes sounds trying to talk. She says "hi" when the teacher says to. She sits plays by herself for extended periods of time. They're potty-training her.

For the first time in two and a half years, we feel like we can breathe again. The teachers at her school are reaching for goals we never knew were possible. And Allie is learning and getting with the program.

We have more hope now than we've ever had.

When Allie was first introduced to physical therapy, the goals that were set were aggressive, but always out of reach. It was exhausting for all three of us. But now, the three of us are on Cloud Nine. There's momentum; there are results. We feel like we're finally hitting our stride.


Vicki Small said...

Boy, Bryon, if you guys can't praise the Lord for all of this, you never will! And I know you are praising and thanking Him, often. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the way you are able to use Allie's teachers, for enabling her to learn and to progress, and for the relief Allie, Susan and Bryon are able to experience, now! We know you have a plan, and we know that, having begun it, you will carry it through to completion. Praise your Name!!

Mike West said...

Great news! Congrats! We're happy for you!
Mike & Mary

Unknown said...

Amazing news!!! Can't wait to see her progress in person!