Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fusco Interview of Pastor Jeff Jackson

image I just finished listening to this podcast for the third time. Daniel Fusco, blogger, pastor, church-planter podcaster does a superb job of interviewing Pastor Jeff Jackson for his church-planter's podcast.

Jeff Jackson, one of my mentors and both a vision caster and board member for Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators is an invaluable resource to missionaries and church-image planters. I cannot emphasize that point enough. I guaranty that you will get more wisdom and insight from this one podcast than the pile of books you've read on the subject.

Fusco is obviously well prepared for the interview and solicits answers that spotlight Jackson's experience and intelligence.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Daniel Fusco

Jeff Jackson

Pat Kenney

Bryon Mondok

Download the interview here


Daniel Fusco said...

Hey Bryon,

Thanks for posting this. Jeff is amazing and I had a great time talking with him.

I also did an interview with Pastor Bill Holdridge about ministry/church planting/pastoring. It was also amazing.

I'm very excited about this podcast. I'm getting to facilitate my own learning from guys who I admire, but Lord willing, facilitate others as well.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Hello Bryon,

Jeff was my pastor in Cebu City. We were together then. I was translating for him. He did the message in English while i was translating it to our local dialect-Cebuano.

Please extend the best of our greetings to Jeff and Helen and his family.