Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back and Forth

We've made it half way. Allie has had her A frame cast on for three of six weeks. We all are doing much better than we thought; Allie is adjusting fine and the charming and beautiful Susan and I have not killed each other or even disemboweled one another. I think that's a good thing.
We have date for the cast to come off: May 8. Allie started back to physical, occupational and speech therapies today. She seemed happy to see everybody down at the Children's Therapy place on Indiantown Road.
We also wanted to say thank you to everybody that brought us food while we were in the hospital and since we've been home. So thanks Dave and Leyette, Lyndsey and Andrew, John, Ruth, Jessica and Bob, Lindsey and Robin, Joyce, Luann, and Julia for making cookies. And some of you still owe us some food. You know who you are. And if I forgot you, sorry about that. You know who you are.
Allie had her stitches removed last Friday. But the incisions got infected so we've been back and forth to the doctor. They're getting better.
The easiest thing about this has been lovin' on Allie. She's so loveable.

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