Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Shaker Game

image File this under "things that make me want to throw up." Some brilliant young mind created this iPhone app called "Baby Shaker." The game loads an image of a crying baby onto your phone and you shake the phone until the baby stops crying. Red x's covering your baby's eyes indicates your success. Here's a video:

The game was designed by Sikalosoft, designer of $.99 downloads.

Thankfully, public outcry against this company is at a fever pitch. I hope this company never makes another dime. This was not a mistake; it was a choice. A bad one.

It's awesome to use technology to create.

It's deplorable to use technology to pervert and to keep violence and wickedness in circulation. Execs at Siklasoft should spend time with victims of shaken baby syndrome. I could arrange it.


luann said...

That's terrible. I'm sorry there are so many ignorant, cruel people in the world. I definitely think you should try to arrange a meeting.

Billy said...

This is a terrible thing...and completely offensive.

Strwberry said...

I know there are some sick sick games out there but just the thought of this one makes it to the top, what sick people we have in this world. I am for sure boycotting this company and spreading the word!

Mike West said...

Unbelievable. There should some kind of corporate fine imposed on the company.
On a more positive note - it was great seeing you all at church Sunday!

Vicki Small said...

I heard about this on the radio, this morning. I'm pretty sure the news item included a statement that Apple had pulled the phones with that application, or something. I still agree with Luann; you should try to arrange a meeting with the exec's to do some educating--even if all you do is tell Allie's and your (pl.) story.