Monday, March 23, 2009

The Latest on Bobby Michaels

This is the latest email from Rachael about Bobby's condition. It's very good news. I also copied the note from Musicianaries board member and strong family supporter, Jim McCandiss, who is there in Thailand with Bobby.

Yesterday, a handful of us were able to gather with Rachel and pray with her before she went off to the airport to fly out to Southeast Asia to be with her mom and Bobby. I'm not sure how up to date we'll be able to stay with Rachel there in the hospital, but she promises to try her best. Let's all do our best to pray whether we hear from her or not because we know our Father doesn't need email or blogs for that matter in order to hear our prayer and take action on our petitions.

image Hello again dear friends and prayer warriors!

Bobby is doing much better but still in a very critical stage.  I’m attaching an email from Jim McCandliss who is there with him.  Jim sent this update to us this morning (which recaps the last 2 days events & more), so it’s the most up to date we have on Bobby.  I did talk to Mom around noon (EST) today and she was very pleased with how alert Bobby was.  She said he’s been very responsive and wanting them to talk to him today and for her to rub his head and hold his hand – very normal for Bobby’s character J  He’s been holding up his hand and giving her the “I love you” sign all day long so as you can tell, he’s back!

I’m headed to Bangkok in less than 12 hours to go be with my parents! J  I will be arriving (after 30 hours of travel) a little before midnight (Thai time) on Tuesday.  I definitely feel comfortable making this trip as I have flown in and out of Bangkok many times – this will be my first time by myself though…    I will be there for 10 days and then flying back to my sweet husband in FL. 

Thank you again for your love and support!  I will try to email updates from Thailand, not sure how often it will be possible but I will definitely try my best.  Please know your prayers are being answered but we still have a long road to walk!

Blessings to all of you!

Rachel and the Family


Aloha Friends,
Here's the latest on Bobby...March 22 AM...he has suffered a sever heart attack which has affected more than 40% of his heart's function.  Yesterday while on the way to get x-rays, his heart stopped.  They immediately took him into surgery and inserted 2 stints to open up obstructed vessels.  Later in the day, his heart stopped 3 more times.  During the night there was a slight improvement in his blood pressure, however it remains dangerously low.  Today they are having to start cardiac dialysis because his liver is not filtering the toxins from his blood...and without the dialysis, he will not survive.

The doctors have been very candid about his condition...the bottom line is that Bobby is very, very sick and that his condition should be considered critical.  So we are asking our Heavenly Father to 1) raise his blood pressure and stabilize it so that it can adequately circulate throughout his body 2) get his blood cleaned up and remove all toxins that have built-up, 3) restart his liver functions and get them back to normal operation, 4) strengthen his heart muscles so that they can work efficiently and can restore proper circulation.

Please stop and lift up Bobby and Lee to our Father.  His peace and presence has been very evident in the hospital room and Lee is totally trusting in the Lord for Bobby's complete recovery.  Cheryl and I are so thankful that we're here to be with them.  Thanks for joining in agreement with our prayers for Bobby's total healing.  As Bobby told me on Friday before he was airlifted to Bangkok, "there are more people out there that I need to tell about Jesus' love for I just have to get better"...sounds like him, doesn't it!

Thanks for joining with us!
Blessing to you all,

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