Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Farewell, Friend

bobby My dear friend Bobby Michaels passed away a short time ago. I'm sure the details will become more clear, but as I understand it, he was on his way to surgery this morning and his heart simply gave out.

Please keep Lee, Rachel, Dian, and Bobby and Lee's extended family in prayer.

Bobby Michaels has touched the lives of multitudes through the years and around the world. His life and testimony fired up the passion for missions in my life. He let me tag along on ministry trips to Cuba and Cambodia. I always learned from him. Every time I spent time with him I learned.

See you again one day, friend.


Mike West said...

So sorry to hear. Thanks for the info. He will be missed.

Mary Gerber said...

Gee, when it rains it pours! I'm continuing to pray for Miss Allie, you, Susan and everybody else. I pray the Lord brings peace and calmness in the next season for you all! And good health too!

Karen Dillon said...

Such sad news. He will be missed. thanks for keeping us all informed.