Monday, March 30, 2009

Allie Smiles

IMG_1092 Allie's back. She started doing better last night. She hasn't had any morphine in close to twenty-four hours. She was getting it every two. Last night I snuggled with her all night in the hospital bed which is no easy feat when you're as big as me and your baby is wearing an A-frame for a cast.

This morning, she was making all of her familiar sounds, trying to chat us up in her little Allie way, and singing. We had her cartoons on this morning and she seemed happy to be back in her life even if she is in the hospital.

She really turned a corner yesterday afternoon when our close family friend Nancy came in and prayed over her. We saw Allie's fever drop, swelling go down, and a return to alertness after Nancy's visit.

Prayer works. Work it.


Kushmama said...

Thinking of you all and praying for you. May god bring healing on this precious child, and give rest to you and Susan.

luann said...

So glad Allie is doing better. We will continue to pray. That Nancy really sounds like a mighty prayer warrior. Do you think she'd be willing to come lay hands on my resume? ;-)

Mike West said...

Glad she's doing well! She is one tough cookie.