Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bobby Michaels Heading to Surgery

This from Rachel:

image Dear Precious Friends,

Thank you for lifting our arms up over the past week!  Your prayers, messages and verses have been such an inspiration and encouragement to us!  We have further news for you concerning Bobby's condition.

Today the doctors told us that they've been wanting to give Bobby time for his body to heal before they go in and operate but at the same time they don't want to wait too long b/c more organs could shut down and/or infections could set in.  They feel this time is eminent.  Bobby is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday at 5pm which will be 6am EST.  They are going in to try to repair his left ventricle.  The doctors/surgeons are uncertain as to what the heart's condition will be when they go in.

Medically speaking, the doctors told us this surgery is an extreme risk but we know that to the Maker of this heart, there is no risk!  Please pray with us during this critical time that:

  • the Lord would give the surgeon's wisdom & knowledge to perform a totally successful surgery
  • the Lord would prepare Bobby's heart condition to accept treatment
  • Bobby's body would respond positively to the anesthetics
  • the Lord would give us the grace to wait patiently during the time of his surgery
  • a renewed heart condition would lead to the healing of his other organs and strengthen his body

We don't want to alarm you but we want you to know how serious this is.  Our hope is not in doctors or medical procedures but only the Lord will bring Bobby through this!  Thank you for standing with us during this critical time.  We love each of you and trust you will hear Bobby's beautiful testimony from his own lips in the months to come!


Rachel, Mom & the family

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