Saturday, March 28, 2009

Allie Status

Allie went in Thursday to have her hips repositioned and muscles lengthened. Her hips have migrated out of joint because her bones are growing at a faster rate than her muscles. So, like a bow string pulled tight, her bones have too much tension on them.

What the doctor planned on doing was 1) breaking then re-positioning her femur; 2) breaking her pelvis and re-shaping her hip joint sockets to receive her hip bones; 3 lengthening her her leg muscles by making incisions in three places to allow additional movement and flatten her feet (she's always on her tip-toes).

When the surgeon broke and repositioned her femurs, they "popped" into socket and the work on the pelvis was not needed. That's great news.

Allie is currently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The medical staff is still working to manage pain. We also need to have Allie take food orally before she can be released onto the floor and then home. Below are some videos. You can go to Facebook to see some photos.

Before right after taking "Happy Juice"

After, recovering in PICU

Thank you for your prayers, visits, encouraging text messages, and phone calls.

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