Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Job

shelley 008 "Hello. My name is Bryon and I'm a coffee-holic"

My addiction was taken to a new level when Robin Shelley introduced me to the Peruvian way of drinking coffee involving a method of super condensing the flavor and strength of coffee (follow this link and scroll down to #4. "Cold Brew"). This is just one of the fringe benefits of being a missionary care pastor with Shepherd's Staff.

Hanging out with missionaries is the best part of my job. If you want to grow in your walk with Christ, get around missionaries to a foreign land when they're home on furlough. Kick off the conversation with: "So how's the ministry?" And then just shut-up and listen. You don't get a sermon, you get a story. You get the inside track on the life of someone that that understands what it means to leave home and lands and family to make disciples of all nations.shelley 002

Yesterday I visited with the Shelley Family. The Shelley's are sent out into the Peruvian mission field by Calvary Chapel Boynton Beach. Robin and Tracy have established a ministry hub in Lima where they branch out into several regions to teach God's Word and church plant.

Chris, a fellow parishioner of Calvary Chapel Boynton Beach has opened up his home to this five member missionary family while they "rest" here in the states. The folks at CC Boynton shelley 007really know how to gather around their missionaries and care for them while they are in town. Furlough for missionaries is rarely a restful time because they have so many churches, family and friends to connect  with while here. Having a place provided, as Chris has done, is an incredible and much needed ministry to missionaries.

Please take the time to pray for the Shelley's if you think about it. Life on the mission field is both difficult and blessed. It's where the action is, but it can be exhausting and incredibly taxing. Your prayers are needed and they go a long way.

shelley 006

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