Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Notes from a conference...

One of the most productive talks in my life was given at a conference a few years ago. It was remarkable because of the brevity and gravity of the talk. What was also remarkable was the pastor who gave it. He is nationally known both within and without the church denomination I'm a part of. People came to the conference just to hear him speak. Here's his whole talk:

Who is God to me?

This is the one truth God is establishing in my life:

What are my expectations of God?

What is God expecting of and for me?

He said to answer those questions in our notes and then get in a group and pray. Then he took his seat and started writing out the answers...

It's a new year. Answer these questions for yourself.


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Anonymous said...

so, what were his answers?

what were your answers?


Bryonm said...

it was meant to be a reflective exercise between you and the Lord...

that's code for "i don't remember that part"