Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heartbeats from the 'Hood

My son wrote this:

The realization that God matters most can be earth shattering.  It takes your eyes to a place where you see colors your eyes have never seen before.  And at this realization my heart is moved with unfailing joy and the deepest form of sorrow.

This morning I was up early thinking about life.  I went outside to watch the sunrise over my neighborhood here in West Palm Beach.  I decided to take a walk down my street to the corner of Adams and Tamarind.  I was thinking about all the kids and all the faces I see every day here in this community.

Then I started thinking about the revival taking place in Cambodia, being that I'm working on a project about Cambodia.  Although my community has a high poverty level, it doesn't even compare with the poverty of the people of Cambodia.  But the thing the Cambodians now have that my community doesn't have is the movement of peace that comes from God by Jesus.

The realization that came next is the reason I write this in tears.  I, too, have that same peace and I live in a community that desperately needs that peace.  I began to walk back home, keeping in mind the faces of the first grade boys I work with from this community. 

The instant I walked through the door of my house, I began weeping.  I realized that I may outlive a lot of these boys.  When they hit their teens, they're gonna hit the streets.  Unless God moves in their lives now at this early age, they're going to be the criminals that keep this 'hood in fear.  And the thing that pains me the most is the knowledge that they may die without that peace that comes from Christ.

Heartbeats from the 'Hood

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Jesus! May we all be moved to tears at that realization! Praying God would move in my sons' lives like He has clearly moved in Aaron's. As a Dad this must make you weep with gratitude for what God is doing in the heart of your son.