Friday, December 05, 2008

Palm Bay

We made it to the home of the parents of the charming and beautiful Susan late yesterday afternoon. It was an emotional, hug-filled reunion. We didn't get it on video.

Charity is up in Gainesville.

Allie was a little over whelmed last night after so many days on the road so her and I had to go to bed early. Pray that today goes more smoothly. We only have about two hours of travel time this morning. We have a 9:00am appointment for breakfast and then we unload the Uhaul at ten.

No videos today. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Is it now appropriate to say....What a long strange trip it's been ?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Welcome home, Mondok family. Welcome Home! (I think I've been watching Extreme Home Makeover too much.)

Unknown said...

Wow! That's a driving marathon!!
Glad you are finally home... or close to home anyway. Did you find your rental on line?

Anonymous said...

Bryon, if it took this long for Allie to show signs of road fatigue, God has truly blessed you guys! What a trooper she is!

I know...we knew that, already.