Thursday, December 04, 2008


Macon is where we'll eat bacon this morning.

Not really. We'll probably have breakfast in Florida somewhere. Nine AM is when we usually start looking for a Denny's. I just couldn't resist making the stupid, obvious rhyme with "Macon".

Here's what our day will look like: we'll stop in Gainesville, (B), sometime before noon to drop Charity and her junk off. That's where she's going to live. Then we'll drive another three hours to Palm Bay, (C), to spend the night with the parents of the charming and beautiful Susan (sometimes I refer to them as the "In-laws"), and then, in the morning, we'll arrive bright and early at our new apartment in Riviera Beach, (D), to unload the Uhaul.

Having this trip close to over puts me in a pretty good mood.


Anonymous said...

Did you sell your house down here?

Anonymous said...

Many prayers to you and your family as you begin this next phase, Bryon. My lunch offer is still good whenever you're in the Pacific Northwest.

Kat said...

Don't know where you are at this moment but I just wanted to say that you are in my prayers and thankyou for taking us all along on this road trip with you. How cool that all of you could be together for this great adventure!