Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book Review: Matthew for Everyone Part Two

image Author: N. T. Wright
London, Westminster John Knox Press, 2002
Number of pages: 210

Wright as penned one of the most engaging and interesting series of commentaries I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a few. Up till now, my favorite series was J. Vernon McGee’s which is still worth having in your library. But I don’t think it touches Wright’s Everyone series. Sorry McGee fans.

Wright is not only a New Testament scholar, but he is also a historian. He does a superb job of placing the reader in the proper historical and cultural context in order to get the full impact of Matthew’s narrative.

The power of the Gospel is fully on display as Matthew’s story climaxes with religious and political powers. The Gospel of Jesus is not passive; it takes on power brokers in the Temple and the Halls of so-called Roman Justice. It exposes the collusion of religion and government and defeats the ultimate weapon they have in their arsenals: death. Jesus takes onto himself all the evil they can deal out and the consequences for sin we all deserve. It is definitely action packed story telling. It’s a story where you are cast as a central figure.

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