Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Review Bloggers

imageA few months ago I subscribed to Michael Hyatt's blog. Hyatt is President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I subscribed to his blog and enjoy his insightful and productive posts. What I love most is the way he gets his readers involved.

A couple of months ago, Hyatt announced the release of The Faith of Barak Obama by Stephen Mansfield and invited bloggers to review the book. So I did. I love to read and they were sending me a free book so what the hey?

Since then, I also reviewed Through the Storm by Lynne Spears. Today, Hyatt announced a new program inviting bloggers to review their books. His goal is aggressive: 10,000 blog maniacs.

Check it out here.

Michael Hyatt - President & CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...thought I'd left word here, already. I applied to BRB to review a book and have already chosen my first one. I'm going to read and review *Billy* which is about the young Billy Graham, but also about his friend Charles Templeton. I look forward to receiving it!

If you have any tips I should know beyond what BRB tells would-be reviewers, could you send me an e-mail? Thanks!